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We handle all types of moving violations


Getting caught for speeding can be a very scary experience. The officer is pressuring you to admit how fast you were going, why were you going so fast, etc. Our bread and butter is these kinds of situations. We have an excellent record of dealing with speeding tickets in Washington State.


Yikes, driving under the influence can be a career ending move. We hear time and time again how many people lose their jobs, license and other rights after falling victim to a DUI. Not to fear, we have been handling DUIs for decades and have gotten the vast majority of them resolved favorably.

Reckless driving

There is speeding… and then there is this. Reckless driving or reckless endangerment are two very serious violations. If you receive one of these, it means that the officer thought that you were seriously putting lives at risk and had to take you off the road. Most of the time we can get a reckless driving charge reduced to either a moving or non-moving violation.

driving with a suspended license

We get it, sometimes you have to take a risk and get behind the wheel in emergencies- we empathize with that. We have helped countless clients get out of situations where their driving privileges where at stake because they drove without a valid licence.

Distracted driving

Technology is a huge part of our lives, we use it on a daily basis and we depend on it. As you may know, in Washington State it is usually illegal to use your phone while driving. For example, we have handled many cases where someone has picked up their phone to check directions and were ticketed for distracted driving.

iLLEGAL Stops and tURNS

Illegal stops and turns can be a hazard to other drivers and law enforcement is highly prejudiced to those who break those laws. We are proud of the clients that we have serviced and helped out of that situation.


When someone in a family makes a 911 call regarding an assault, the police will come visit you at home and possibly arrest you and issue a no contact order. This can be very traumatic because you will be told you may spend up to one year in jail and be fined up to $5000. We’ve handled many cases successfully, resulting in our client having no jail-time and charges being dismissed.


BBT, has revived special inquiries and cases in the past where particular situations don’t match our general areas of coverage. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and see how we can help you.


We offer very competitive pricing and a money back guarantee — contact our office for more details.