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Tactical Reasoning From Experts

4 Reasons: Why You Should Hire A Traffic Attorney When You Get A Ticket

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1.  An attorney saves you money and time

One of the primary mistakes traffic violators do is not hire a lawyer thinking that it is cheaper. It is 100% more expensive in the long run to just pay the ticket at face value and accept the consequences that come with that.

What are the consequences?

Well, if you are guilty of the offence, then it will be placed on your record. Once offenses accumulate on your record your insurance premiums will skyrocket.

By hiring a lawyer, you can completely avoid a violation being added to your record and prevent your insurance premiums from going up.

Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be saving time. An attorney can handle all of the paperwork and representation in court.

If you’re facing a traffic ticket or charge, you could be tempted to contest or fight it on your own, but as we’ve demonstrated, it’s not a risk worth taking. Hiring a traffic violation lawyer gives you the best chance of getting the ticket penalty reduced or dismissed.


2.  An attorney understands the technicalities of traffic law

Attorneys, especially ones who specialize in traffic law are experts in navigating and researching all of the specifics within traffic law. Some scenarios are very specific and require knowledge of precedent and decades of experience to fight of standard infractions like speeding or complicated criminal offenses like DUI or reckless driving.

Can you cross-examine a witness or police officer and know what questions to ask in order to expose weakness in their case? Not a chance.

Hiring a lawyer gets you an experienced professional that knows exactly what they need to do to help you with your specific needs.

A lawyer will evaluate the infraction or case that you bring, find the loophole or weak link and go forth and fight on your behalf.

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3.  Get your charges reduced or eliminated

An experienced attorney will have prior knowledge of the judge’s behavior, attitude as well as the prosecutor. This is a huge advantage since the attorney will know exactly how to approach that particular court in order to have to judgment swing in your favor. Facing the courts on your own puts you in a very ambiguous and vulnerable position.

The solution is to hire an expert who knows their way around the court system and can navigate the complicated language, terms and and rules.


4.  Attorneys have special access to evidence information

You were ‘caught’ for speeding and the police officer had you doing 15 mph over. You don’t believe that his reading was correct as you were only going 7 mph over.

Who is right? The only way to establish the truth is to take the ticket to court and fight it.

A regular person would not know what to ask of the court and the officer to find the truth, but an attorney will know exactly what to do.

The problem is that a regular person might not know that he or she should request evidence regarding how the officer recorded their speed in the first place. Many officers make the mistake of not calibrating their radar gun, therefore their reading is not accurate.

These are things that only a lawyer would know and there are many more scenarios like this one where only a lawyer would have the experience and the know-how to release you from a bind.

The best thing you can do in such a situation is to hire a traffic violation lawyer.

In some cases, you can even have your attorney sue a traffic officer for writing a false ticket.

Josef Zhovtis